Bring It All

Unlike paper records, you can store lots of health information easily. Information about illnesses, medications, allergies and medical reports will always be available.

Access it anywhere

Use your mobile device to access your records from anywhere with a data connection.

Share your health information

Healthcare professionals and family can be updated immediately of your health status for efficient care co-ordination.

Track and chart your health data

Blood pressure, sugar readings, and other health parameters can be keyed in to your records. IUVO HEALTH NOTES can chart and summarize health data to help your doctor manage these conditions.

Use photos, videos and text to capture your health data

Use your mobile device to capture photos and videos of medical conditions like skin rashes, speech or movement problems, etc. Documents including medical reports, hospitalization records and lab results can also be captured and stored. Use text notes to comment or use it as a record on its own.

Support Plus

Email us more than just your technical questions. We'd be happy to help answer questions on medical/ home care issues. It's like a home care concierge (e.g. find care-giving resources or patient support groups, etc.)

Track and Manage Special Problems in

Elderly and Home-care patients

Skin Care

Use photos to track skin conditions. Note down comments like what dressings were used and situations related to the skin lesion.

Nutrition (Tube feeds)

Record feed schedules, feed volumes and aspirates. Chart data to facilitate adjustments to feeds when necessary.


Useful for patients who require indwelling catheters or intermittent catheterization. Chart urine volumes and appearance, and tabulate into 24h volumes.


Standardized stool charting, using the Bristol Stool Chart. Track frequency and type of stools.